Dentures come with huge benefits and can greatly improve your quality of life. With today’s technology, dentures look more natural and feel more comfortable than ever before. They provide support for your facial muscles, allow you to chew and eat food, and they also assist with your ability to speak clearly. Best of all, dentures restore your beautiful smile.If you are considering dentures, we invite you to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation. We will assess your condition, discuss your lifestyle, then provide you with a customized list of options. One option that improves the function and comfort of dentures includes using a combination of both dentures and dental implants. For many patients, dentures alone are a very cost effective solution to replace missing teeth.


While a full denture plate can be used to replace an entire set of teeth, a partial denture may be more ideal if you are missing only a few teeth. A partial denture is a removable appliance that is supported by your existing teeth and fills in those unwanted gaps. It helps to regain the aesthetics, chewing, and speaking functions provided by your natural teeth.

The extent of your treatments are determined by what type of denture you and your dentist choose. Full mouth treatments involve extracting any remaining teeth, making impressions to give that perfect, snug fit, and attending a final appointment to ensure a comfortable fit. Partial denture treatments consist of examining the health of remaining teeth, taking impressions, and custom fitting the partial appliance.

Quick Denture Repair

At Comfort Dentistry, most denture repairs can be done in just one day. Dentures not only replace teeth and make chewing and eating easier but they can restore your smile and your confidence. There are a number of ways to replace teeth and most require several steps to ensure the best look and fit. Schedule an appointment and we can discuss the options that would best suit your needs.

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